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About the Society

The Hadley Society has been a formalized genealogical organization since 1922. In the beginning, membership consisted mainly of the Quaker Hadley's who had moved from Indiana, Iowa, Illinois and Ohio to Whittier, California. They held regular reunions and decided to organize as a way to keep up with everyone and have a place to store their family histories and genealogical information. The society still has most of the original files, plus everything that has since been added.

As time passed, Hadley's from other parts of the country joined and the organization got larger, as did the annual reunions. In the 1970s the Society published 3 volumes of genealogical information on the descendants of Simon HADLEY and his first wife, Ruth Miller. These books are no longer in print, and are naturally, outdated. (They also contained many errors.) The Society has completed the process of scanning, and is hoping to someday update all three volumes, with plans to combine them with pictures, put them on a CD, and sell the CDs through our website.

With the rising popularity of genealogy on the internet, membership in the Hadley Society has grown immensely. Most of our new members are "cyber-cousins" who have found us online. Because of the diversity of our current membership, we are considering different locations for the annual reunions.

The $10.00 annual dues go to cover the cost of printing and mailing the newsletters. (And now that we have our own web site, the cost also goes to paying the monthly server fee and annual domain name fee.) The newsletters go out 3 times per year and contain articles of interest regarding our ancestors, pictures, and tidbits about the members. There are no paid officers - everyone is a volunteer.

The goal of the Society continues to be to:
    promote pride in our common heritage
    assist HADLEY descendants in their research
    provide a clearinghouse for HADLEY records
    encourage and aid in the exchange of ideas, resources, and records, that all might have the most complete and accurate record of their Family History, with minimal duplication of effort.

Hadley Society Officers
2003 - 2005

John Hadley
John Hadley

John William Hadley, is President and Archivist of the Hadley Society. John lives in Portland, Oregon.

Jean Hadley
Jean Hadley

Database Manager is Jean Hadley, lives in Pittsboro, Indiana.

Linda Marie Clark
Linda Clark

Linda Marie Clark
is currently performing the duties of Webmaster. Linda lives in Central Illinois.