Hannah Hadley
16 November 1709 - 31 May 1873

Signature of Hannah Hadley Dixon

Hannah Hadley was born on 16 November 1709 in County Westmeath, Ireland. She was the daughter of Simon and Ruth Hadley, and came to America with her parents sometime before 1712.

On 25 August 1727 she married Thomas Dixon (1709-1737) at New Garden Monthly Meeting in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Thomas was the son of William Dixon and Ann Gregg. Hannah and Thomas had the following children:

    1. Simon Dixon (1728 - 1781)
    2. Rebecca Dixon (1731 - 1803)
    3. Ruth Dixon (1734 - ??)
On 18 October 1742, Hannah married John Stanfield (1715 - 1755) at Hockessin, Delaware. Hannah and John had the following children:

    1. John Stanfield (1743 - ??)
    2. Samuel Stanfield (1745 - 1832)
    3. Thomas Stanfield (1747 - ??)
Hannah and Thomas were founding members of Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in North Carolina. Hannah and her family were received by Cane Creek Monthly Meeting, North Carolina, 06 April 1754 on certificate from Newark Monthly Meeting, Pennsylvania. Her second husband John, died the following year.

Hannah's Manor House at Hillsboro, Orange County, North Carolina was confiscated by General Lord Cornwallis and used as his headquarters during the Battle of Guilford Court House in the Revolutionary War. She was instrumental in organizing the Cane Creek Meeting House on her farm as a center to support the American cause during the Revolution, thus offering passive resistance to the Tories.

She and all of her children were remembered in her father, Simon's will.

Hannah is buried in the cemetery at Cane Creek Meeting House in Snow Camp, North Carolina. Next to her grave is a memorial to her son Simon Dixon, who was killed defending his mill during the Revolutionary War.

Signature of Hannah Hadley Dixon from the 1732 Marriage Certificate of her sister Katherine, to Robert Johnson.

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